— 2014

Toh Veronese 1

TOH (Trigonometric Oval Hemisphere) is an unconventional, dynamic structure where simplicity and complexity reside together.

It explores the modular limits of the traditional prism chandelier. Embracing a natural form, TOH aims to evoke a variable range of associations within the dynamics of free movement.

Both construction and form convey gestured propulsion of light. Following nature, the simplest of forms unveil a fascinating complexity. In order to achieve a natural precision, the positioning and tilting of each trihedral rod is hand drawn in a semi-geometric and semi-organic manner.

The glass rods are individually beveled to follow the curves of the sculpted form. A reinforced steel frame meticulously maintains the balance between the organic flow of the form and the unrestrained particle alignment. The light is bouncing randomly between the tilted rods and spreads itself across the vessel's belly.

Collection available at Veronese

Photos by Nancy R. Jochimek, Ruben Jochinek